What is HOALT?
HOALT is the “Holiday of a Lifetime”, a charitable organization. Read More

Do you get paid?
NO! all our Staff (Committee & Volunteers) work totally for free.

How do you raise the money?
Through charitable events held by our sponsors and the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

Can anybody donate?
Yes anybody can donate.

Is there a minimum amount we can donate?
NO! Any and all donations will be very gratefully received.

Can anyone attend the events that you mention?
Yes. You are all very welcome.

How do we find out what and where the events are taking place?
Check out our “Future Events” Page. or click here

How do I or my company go about sponsoring “Holiday of a LifeTime”?
Very Easy, just click here and we’ll be in touch with you directly, Or call us on

Is HOALT a UK charity?
NO. HOALT is run totally through the “Royal Antediluvian order of Buffaloes” here in Cyprus. However the “Royal Antediluvian order of Buffaloes.” is a ancient British order, And HOALT does have close ties to many provinces in the UK.

How are the children selected for the holiday?
Through the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Provincial Grand Lodge sponsoring the event and the Local Social Services Department in the UK.